About the Project

This component of the research will explore historical and cultural geographies of land use conflicts: namely how are these conflicts reflected on the landscape?

Researchers: Dr Maria Paula Escobar-Tello, Dr Lauren Blake

The research will analysis of hydrological resources and ecosystem services. Please see the slideshow below for more information:

Researchers: Dr Mark Mulligan, Dr Jorge Rubiano

The research will investigate historic and present-day land cover change to understand the pressures on the Páramo Ecosystem. More specifically, we will study:

  • Historic land cover change analysis (Dr Chan)
  • Fire dynamics analysis and modelling (Dr Millington)
  • Human-environment interactions and projections of future change (Prof Eisler)

Researchers: Dr James Millington, Dr Kris Chan, Prof Mark Eisler

Páramo land cover change analysis example with LandTrendr

The research will map ecosystem service values related to agricultural production in páramo areas including more sustainable livestock farming

Researchers: Prof Dominic Moran, Prof Mark Eisler

The final aim of the research is to facilitate stakeholder mutual understanding and conflict resolution using design methodologies; what would a reconciled landscape look like?

Researchers: Dr Carolina Escobar-Tello