Freestation Data

To better understand the hydrometeorology of the Páramo and cloud forest, we have installed Freestation river, soil humidity and weather stations in 2 basins of each. Below you can view the location and data from each. Visit the about the project page for more information.

At present, data must be downloaded in person, though on our next visit (in December 2019) we will be updating the stations to make them automatically upload data to the web.

Current Freestations (click on maps for info)

Accessing the data

Freestation data can be in a number of ways. Substitute L83 of the URLs below with the desired station number (e.g. L132, L71). Station numbers can be found in the maps above:

All data can also be downloaded as a Google Sheet: Click on this link, under File, click ‘Make a copy’ then enter the station ID and date of installation.